Saturday, November 14, 2015

Desert Bus Leather Playmat

I made this leather playmat for Desert Bus for Hope fundraiser:
It earned $4725.27 in the donation challenge today!  Big thanks to all those that donated during this challenge!  Big congrats to Homoglyph for winning the draw!  :)  I'm very honored to have been first up in the Craft-Along prize giveaways this year.

Come check out Desert Bus for Hope at!

What is Desert Bus for Hope?  Answer to that question here:

Friday, April 24, 2015

Video Game Concept Art

My latest project has me fairly busy with a game prototype called Sundered Ark being developed by Chiphead Studio.  I'm doing concept art for the cards in the prototype and taking a lead role as art director.  I created the art of Water Weaver on this card as well as the icons on the right side.  This fellow on the video is the writer and team ring leader, Kyle.  The card template layout was a joint effort collaboration of us both along with Rob and Nicholas, the other two on our team.

You can find out more about the project here and like/follow our page if you like what you see:

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User engagement increases frequency of page update notifications, so if you want to see the updates please like, comment and share our posts directly from the Chiphead Studio page.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Published Political Cartoon Illustration

This illustration I drew was printed in the April 3, 2013 edition of the Manitoulin Expositor.  I have been drawing more political cartoons so far of ideas not my own.  I have been published elsewhere with other types of artwork and cartooning, some mentioned in previous posts.  This one is notable because it's the first one published in a newspaper.

(Pepart is a mistake due to misinformation not being verified before print.)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hide in My Garden

Do you like nature?  You'll find plenty of it at Hide in My Garden with jewelry and home decor ornaments handcrafted from leather!  All Canadian made and so beautifully detailed you'd swear them to be real flowers and creatures at first glance.  Liz Petrucci is the business owner and jewelry designer.  I was employed there for a while doing mostly crafting and craft show sales as representative.  If you see something you like and want to place an order contact Liz directly.  If you are unable to place an order or find a retail outlet near you, ask me and I'll see if some special arrangements can be made for your situation, especially if I know you personally.  ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Clay Creative

I made these in Super Sculpey a while ago while I was in Digital Media Arts.  Finally unpacked them and finished them with some paint.  The jewelry around the unpainted figures was stuff I was making repairs to while repairing any cracks in the clay.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Drawing is Fun!

My latest life drawing session.  The one with pink pastel I did the white highlights first before the darks.  Others mostly conte and charcoal.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Shards: Tales from the Ruin Nation

It's almost the anniversary of the debut of the exciting graphic novel Shards: Tales from the Ruin Nation by Alex Steacy! Cover art is by well known illustrator Ken Steacy and other illustrators include Alex Steacy, Victoria Garbutt, Becca Taunton-Renwick, Jessica Peters, Kate O' Keefe and Colin Campbell. It also includes a piece of my own art which was inspired by Alex's writing. Book foreword done by Sam Logan of Sam and Fuzzy. The book is available in paperback or high resolution PDF through Exim Works Media & Gear at

 I've always admired Alex's writing and drawings especially his concept sketches of rad looking weapons/vehicles, fantastical robot characters and his whimsical comedic comic about Cacti which he also published a number of years ago.

Some of Alex's automa & weapon concepts within.

This is the full colour version of the included digital artwork I did of two of the characters from the Ruin Nation world, Jaci and Sara.