Friday, October 19, 2007

The toy character creation project is one that I think I'll really like doing. I've been designing my own characters since childhood so I've had a bit of practice anyway..not so much with the building a figure which is going to get interesting. I've been wanting to try making my own characters into toys but for some reason I'd usually thought of plushies instead of sculptures.

These two bunnies are the ones I've decided on...yes two of them. I think they are simple enough I might have time to do both and they are supposed to go as a pair anyway. I've named them Bouncy Bunny and Rapid Rabbit. They'll be fleshed out soon with turnarounds and probably some clothing. They were inspired by the likes of Spumco and I'm thinking of making the serious one a little like Cartman from South Park ..grumpy yet ridiculous.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ever since I bought a digital camera last year I've appreciated being able to have the camera with me all the time and not missing those little things I notice every now and then.

Now I just need to apply the same principal to my sketchbook... lol

These two are older ones from before September but are a good example of me having the camera at a good time and just experimenting with it. The last part of the sign struck me as funny with the pet being above the trash basket as well as it's mess...funnier if you don't read the words.

Reading week is here so I should be posting more blogs that I didn't remember to make time for earlier like posting updates to assignments and the artwork I'm doing.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well before I blog about anything else today I think I should mention my ceiling is leaking like a faucet right now. It's been leaking on and off since I got here the first week of September...It was obviously happening a while before I moved in because it's leaking pretty badly. This morning I decided to try to capture the sound of the leak since my audio class has me thinking of sound and I have the Audacity program which is similar to the school software for sound editing. The microphone I tried gave off too much background noise as one would expect from spending less than $10. I also took some video on my digital camera as well as still shots.
The ceiling in the hallway outside was taken out to try to find the source of the place sure has character and surely will be the source of some creative ideas.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Studio tour and etc.

On Friday there were tours of some of the busiest studios in Toronto and for the first time students were able to see where they may end up after graduation and network a bit. The tours started from FITC. A rather obscure looking building that you wouldn't know was there if you weren't looking for it. They gave us free stuff like calendars and buttons...yay cool free stuff! I had the best cream puff ever at lunch and then watched people falling asleep during a presentation.
Most of the studios looked like places I wouldn't mind working. Some of them had a lot of toys and looked like relaxed places to work. All the studios on the tour were Organic, Henderson Bas, Blast Radius, Teehan+Lax and Critical Mass.

The washrooms in the FITC building were rather odd. Almost thought it was part of their design concept.

It was interesting to see how some people at the studios think. I think this was drawings of their lunch...made me hungry.

We saw some interesting things that weren't part of the tour too. Some things I thought might be good creative reference for later.The sewing theme on this corner attracted our attention too.

I thought this ad was cute so I saved it for future reference.

After the tour I browsed downtown for a bit. There was a guy balancing bricks in seemingly impossible ways. Saw him finishing one of his little towers.

We saw some neat looking milk ads in the subway and street cars. Here's a milk ad "pouring" out of it's holder. lol I went to Silver Snail and bought a book about Dr. Seuss and a new toy for sketching class. Lastly I tried some unique ice cream flavors at Greg's Ice Cream and would recommend to anyone. I tried Ginger, Roasted Marshmallow and Coffee Toffee. The flavors taste like the name literally!