Friday, November 30, 2007


I forgot about this in my previous blog. I painted a water colour for class from a pic I took from my balcony at sunrise. Usually end up with shots like this when I've stayed up all night doing homework.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So much to do...

I've decided that a milk carton shaped box (2L size) might be good for the toy project. I have one already that wasn't for milk but the shape seems right. I could make the toys look like they are missing (from your collection) like missing persons on milk cartons...not sure of the appropriateness but I've seen at least one cartoon with a lost character seeing their own face on milk and thinking "wtf I'm right here!" I also thought about designing the box like a little boat so it gets recycled and used as a toy itself. Though I think parents would probably end up tossing the package regardless. I've thought of a logo for the toy that incorporates both caracters too which I'll be posting later.
As for the caracters themselves I may attach them to eachother somehow so the smaller one doesn't get lost easily...though there are no shortage of toys on the market that are easy to lose anyway. I don't know how I'll do the clothing yet...probably just mold it out of sculpey too and paint it eventually.

I also have a logo design for me and all that I do as an artist that I'd like to use for the tatoo design art thing. I named the blog digital seahorse cause of the logo that represents me and obviously cause I'm in digital media arts.
(designed last year)

The skate deck designs I did were all approved so I get to choose. I'd like to do the keyboard one as long as it doesn't get too difficult. The idea is that it's multi-purpose and people into music can practice their piano fingers.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I finished my turnarounds for the characters I'm going to attempt to model from clay. I think it will be a challenge to get the sizing accurate without making one too big or too small. The bigger rabbit is supposed to be able to hold the other in one hand. Perhaps I'll end up doing a model of the arms folded around the other as I imagined for the logo...? I'll figure it out with some thumbnails of poses and testing different things if I have time.

Over study week I did a bit of toy play like in the sketching class outline. I'm not sure if we were supposed to or not but it was fun. Most of the photos are posted to my flickr account and the ones that aren't yet will be. The first set is Bop and Beep the uglydoll helping me build a desk. The doll is two faced with Bop being the green side and Beep is the pink.

I made 'their' utility belt from electrical tape. XD
Click the desk to see all the steps to completion.

My group for the video project went out on Thursday morning to shoot 'Walter Bruce' and it was hilarious to say the least. It was freezing out and we're really glad the rain held off long enough.
I think the video will be really funny when we are done. We have a lot of side splitting outtakes too.

After that we found out that we need to have group meetings for the Interactivity project and each of us blog the minutes of those meetings. This prospect is seriously making all of us feel really overwhelmed...and just when I've had appointments rescheduled and had to go book camera and take it out for filming and not been able to focus totally on my presentation for psychology. Nobody has ever had an A mark on the presentations apparently and the outlook isn't that good for me either at this rate.