Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So much to do...

I've decided that a milk carton shaped box (2L size) might be good for the toy project. I have one already that wasn't for milk but the shape seems right. I could make the toys look like they are missing (from your collection) like missing persons on milk cartons...not sure of the appropriateness but I've seen at least one cartoon with a lost character seeing their own face on milk and thinking "wtf I'm right here!" I also thought about designing the box like a little boat so it gets recycled and used as a toy itself. Though I think parents would probably end up tossing the package regardless. I've thought of a logo for the toy that incorporates both caracters too which I'll be posting later.
As for the caracters themselves I may attach them to eachother somehow so the smaller one doesn't get lost easily...though there are no shortage of toys on the market that are easy to lose anyway. I don't know how I'll do the clothing yet...probably just mold it out of sculpey too and paint it eventually.

I also have a logo design for me and all that I do as an artist that I'd like to use for the tatoo design art thing. I named the blog digital seahorse cause of the logo that represents me and obviously cause I'm in digital media arts.
(designed last year)

The skate deck designs I did were all approved so I get to choose. I'd like to do the keyboard one as long as it doesn't get too difficult. The idea is that it's multi-purpose and people into music can practice their piano fingers.

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