Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stop the Meter!
Day of Action

Today in Queen's Park there was a little rally with a lot of voice saying Stop the Meter!  NDP MPP, Peter Tabuns made an appearance and answered some questions.  Sounds like the NDP also wants to put a stop to the meter and usage based internet billing.  I approve!

The Meter would mean bad things for your pocket book and bank account weather or not you are a power user and spells REALLY bad news for innovation and business growth since it's become something as needed as Canada's roads and highways.  They didn't call it the information superhighway for nothing.  Imagine if you had to pay a toll on every road everywhere you want to drive!  Just because some people like to travel a lot and take the back roads instead of the toll highways doesn't mean it's alright to toll every road to get rid of the free passage competition.  The petition for those that haven't yet signed can be found here:

There were also some funny and creative props made for the occasion such as ethernet noose, clever signs and paper badges.  (Makes me wish I'd made something.)

First photo of Peter Tabuns MPP Toronto-Danforth, NDP in Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario by Danielle Pepin.