Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SCA Award Show / Digital Media Arts Graduation

I graduated in April from Digital Media Arts program at Seneca College. Now having a bit more time on my hands and need to share my work, I'll be posting some of the things I've worked on that are portfolio worthy and deserve attention.

The last motion graphics piece I produced was for the SCA Media Award Show intro sequence.

I designed the look after being given a general idea of a Roman and Coliseum theme and idea of camera trucking through a Roman city. The archways were drawn fully by me and the surrounding buildings were made to match the style of the drawings. I made textures for the ground and drawn buildings and composed the animation in combustion. Music is a clip from Mozart 7th Symphony. The rest of the animation and stills made for the show other than the logo already produced was matched to the look of my clip as well. I kept thinking while making it, "Rome wasn't built in a was a week!" I managed to meet the tight deadline and was able to assist others in meeting theirs as well after my part was finished.

My segment as you see here was later stitched together with a logo segment before it and a clip after it entering the Coliseum to a main still frame from other animators and presented on a large screen PowerPoint spider system of 2240x768 pixel size.

I was glad to work on and attend the show and all of the people on the team did a great job. Most of them I would gladly work with again.

Full size animation can be viewed here for those patient enough to wait for the QuickTime to load:

A smaller example of in class work that the intro was based off of may be viewed here:

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