Friday, September 28, 2007

Clocks and Time

For the week we were asked to choose something we often come in contact with that we don't normally think much about. On Wednesday I woke up and realized how much I look at clocks and wondered how many times I look at the clock each day. I know I check the time really frequently but lately I haven't had a watch that works so I thought it would be interesting to see how many times I come into contact with clocks or the subject of time comes up in conversation and someone says what time it is. Funny I thought of this on a morning off when I didn't need to get up on time for anything. Still I pressed snooze 3 times on my laptop..and then died. :P

I must look at my laptop and PC clock more than any other time piece. Wednesday was my day off and I got up and first thing I look at on my laptop screen is the time. I look at it many times while doing homework to see how slow I'm being at it. I wanted to go somewhere before it got too late so I was rushing through homework. Think I looked at the clock over 40 times and lost count that day. I keep missing count but I know it's one heck of a lot on the computer. At a friend's I was keeping track of how long I'd been there with laptop time too. After I got back I chatted online for a long time losing track of what time it was until 3:25am.

I use my cell phone a lot to get the time since I don't have a watch. I'll look at that on the way to school and sometimes use it for an alarm clock too. Looked at cell clock 5 times on the way to school Thursday. I used the laptop alarm clock as it has different alarms for each day of the week. When I got to school it was about 9am. I noticed that Alex has two watches he wears, one on either wrist. At lunch Amanda mentioned she was keeping track on time too and we talked about it. I watched some comedy and noticed when Dylan Moran mentioned a grandfather clock in his routine. I also took note when people asked what time it was and how long we had the audio room for.

I was on Facebook and remembered how it posts the time people do things in the news feed and how msn will tell you the time the last message was sent in each message window. Sometimes the time on both applications is inaccurate. I then got reminded of how time is different depending where you are. In Greenwich Mean Time I visited the website that shows the correct time from the origin.

-I set my clock early so I can get stuff done before class tomorrow.
-Looked at clock some more while doing homework ..over 10 times ..sometimes not even registering the exact time in my head beyond what hour it is.
1:43am finally got blog to email forgotten login info cause somehow there were two accounts
-I have an occasional leak in my ceiling that happens at about the same time if it does happen...this is the worst apartment I've ever lived in! Starts usually after 2am and finishes a few hours later...4:20 ceiling still leaking and no rain out!

-I got up with laptop and checked cell only to find out if I had time for breakfast once I got to school.
-Kim and Craig talking about what time to take bus home.
-"What time is it?" in French = "Quelle heure est-il?" On Friday the subject of telling time in French came up.
-3:32 Craig mentioned time and Amanda wrote it down...then I asked the time and made mental note of it...craig and amanda needed to catch rides with parents and GO bus.
-noticed bell tower chiming in music and remembered that way back old days the bell tower would ring to tell you if it was time for school or time for church or midday..etc.
-looked at a clock over 20 times after 12am Saturday.

4:01am thinking of going to bed...Nuit Blanche tomorrow so don't wanna be sleepy for the all night exhibit...which brings me to things I'll be doing that I don't normally do. This weekend is easy to find things to do and see that I normally wouldn't even think of doing so the next blog should be way more interesting with better photos...and maybe I'll find some clocks there too.

Today I'm still keeping track of time cause I don't want to be late meeting a friend for Nuit Blanche. 1:22 time to stop blogging and get ready to go out.
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Danielle said...

Hey's not 2:59 PM when I posted this's 1:25 PM. Blogspot can autosave accurately but not post the correct time apparently.

Danielle said...

Wow even my comment time is way off and doesn't make sense...heh.

Craig said...

Haha it documents the time that you click "New Post" and that's what it posts when you complete the entry.

Lynda said...

Hickory tickory talk...
There's so much time to mock
The time we waste
In so much haste
Why bother to watch the clock?

Hippetty snippetty hop...
Relax before you flop
There's more to life
Than scheduling strife.
Sit down and have a pop.

When you reach retirement age you'll understand just how slow a clock ticks.

Danielle said...

I like that poem! Thank you.