Sunday, September 30, 2007

Something New: Nuit Blanche

On Saturday night I went to an art exhibit called Nuit Blanche. Normally I'd go to something like this in the daytime and wouldn't even consider traveling the subway or streets of Toronto at night. This event was rather unique and provided an opportunity I wouldn't normally get. I had a good guide with me too.

Other than just being out viewing art at a strange time I went to a resaraunt that normally I would have turned down based on the outer looks of it. I discovered they have really good chicken and fries there. I also ate it while sitting in front of a mirror which I don't recall having ever done before.

They opened the old Bay station for the Ghost Station exhibit. They don't normally allow anyone to photograph the TTC stations legally but for the exhibit it was encouraged. (Wish I owned a good tripod instead of having to borrow all the time. I didn't have one and it would have made shooting easier.)

I came across this drawing while trying to find other things. The things people think up... :P

I noticed time again a number of times while I was out. Before getting to my friend's place to be on time and then keeping track of how late it was. As I was walking along I saw the sculpture of Atlas with a clock on his shoulders. A clock on someone's shoulders is good imagery to finish my time trek with since we are all pretty much slaves to it.

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Craig said...

So... I guess since Atlas is holding the clock they're comparing time to the whole world. I hate that everything is always so time constrained... and there's never enough of it.