Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Toy design and finished skate deck

My finished deck design ended up having two versions cause I wasn't sure how the different darker shades of gray and the black would show when printed. It's a good thing I thought of making a gray version cause I ended up printing after 7pm yesterday and the levels still needed adjusting at that point. I lightened the background and they let me adjust the levels in the print program at the print place. I think the keys turned out pretty well...must have been about 8 vector objects for a single finished black key. I just realized after cutting it out that the dials on the left don't show up well on the gray version. This is good so I'll know to make a test print before I submit something like this to a client. I should have gone even lighter with the background gray.

My tatoo design on people's arms:

My toy design is now sculpted and design work handed in. I thought of some versions of packaging that could be implemented too.

(Click on any images to view full size.)

That brings me to the end of my first semester in DMA. Having been here last year you'd think I'd have become used to getting up early. I'm looking forward to a few weeks of getting the right amount of sleep and catching up on life outside of schoolwork.


Aurora said...

Yay! The skate deck looks awesome! Congratz on a great final product! :D And OMG I so want to steal your model o_o

Danielle said...

Thank you! LOL Maybe I'll end up making some more of them at some point. :P

The deck I handed in unfortunately had the same gray background as what the shade was on the four knobs but Joe really liked how the piano keys turned out. :D